Manufacturing Machinery

Softgel System


  • Gelatin Softgel Capsulator with Tumble Dryers

  • High Speed in-line Continuous Drying System

  • Patented Vegetable Softgel System – Olus® Caps

  • Mobile One Pot Gelatin and Medicine Mixer

  • Basket Jet Cleaner & New CIP Tumbler Dryer

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Cream and Paste Mixers / Homogenisers


  • Vacuum Cream / Paste Mixers

  • Top / Bottom Homogenisers & High Shear Mixers

  • In-line Filters, Homogenisers & Colloid Mills

  • Paddle / Dispersion Mixers & Tanks

  • Laboratory Mixers & Lipstick Mixers

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Tablet Presses / Capsule Fillers / Auto Coaters


  • Rotary Tablet Presses

  • Auto Capsule Fillers for Powder / Pallets / Tablets

  • Auto Tablet Coaters

  • Powder Loaders, Tablet De-dusters & Capsule Polishers

  • Capsule Weight Checkers

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SemiAuto Capsule Fillers, Blenders & Allied Granulation Machinery


  • Manual, Semiauto and R&D Capsule Filler with Sorters

  • Blenders (V and Double Cone / Octagonal / Conta / Drum / Ribbon)

  • Mixer Granulators, Pan Coaters, Sifters and Mills (R&D to Production Scales)

  • Powder and Liquid Handling Allied Machinery

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Fluidised Bed Processors


  • Fluidised Bed Dryers and Top Spray Granulators

  • Particle Coaster Granulators (Wurster Technology)

  • Extruders / Spheronisers & Fluidised Bed Rota-granulator

  • Sterile Liquid Magnetic Mixers for Pharma and Biotechnology Sectors

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